Reaching Perris from within Perris.

Perris Valley Church exists to bring together a multi-generational, multi-cultural body of believers who grow in faith, reach for their community, and deepen their understanding of God’s word. We strive to live as a church for Jesus, to be recognized as disciples by Jesus, and to be known by others because of Jesus. This mission leads us as we evangelize to our community, telling them about the saving grace of Jesus Christ. It also keeps us grounded in our community and guides us in being welcoming to all age-groups, races, and cultures. We truly exist to reach Perris from within Perris, and to be on continual missions in our own city. We strive to foster relations with Jesus Christ, and to show the love of our savior throughout our community by our service and outreach.


Pastor Chris Thompson

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Sunday Church

29 June 2024
- Perris Valley Church
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